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Ναταλία Σ

My family's acquaintance with the pediatrician Mrs. Efthymiou took place on a Sunday afternoon, May 2019, when our little one then almost 4 months old suddenly developed a fever. Not believing that it would be easy to find a doctor to examine her because of the day and time, I accidentally found on the internet the personal page of Mrs. Efthymiou. (We had just returned from abroad, where we were staying). To our pleasant surprise, Mrs. Efthymiou in a very short time arrived at our house. Her in-depth medical opinion and the confidence inspired by her beautiful and polite presence and her approach to our child and us, filled us with gratitude and safety. From then until today she follows with consistency and love our little one, vaccinates her according to the protocol and is next to us immediately when we need her. Like when last month and after consultation with her, our little one had to be hospitalized. Our pediatrician closely monitored her care and was in direct communication with the staff of the clinic. I felt that I had a very own person to support me and this gave me tremendous strength to cope. I wish from the bottom of my heart that other children and parents will have the good fortune to meet our pediatrician Mrs. Dora Efthymiou, a doctor-man with knowledge, education, ethos, right instinct, consistency, care and love for her children and profession.

Μαρίνα Κ

She inspires confidence in parents with the scientific training she has, she is discreet when she comes home visit, she is always available on the phone at any time, she is adored by children in her sweet way and the toys she uses for the clinical examination.


Mrs. Efthymiou was a doctor of both my children from the moment of their birth until they were 6-7 years old, where we moved to another city. He is a wonderful person, familiar, smiling, especially pleasant to the children, close to us parents, always willing and patient for every issue with our children. She is a highly trained pediatrician, always accurate in both her diagnoses and treatments, available in our every call and at any time. I will not forget that thanks to her my son, at the age of 5 at the time, was spared peritonitis after her pressure to persevere in the hospital, when the hospital was driving us away. I thank her so much for everything!

Αιμιλία Κ

Mrs. Efthymiou is an excellent doctor! He approached my child in a unique way, inspiring confidence, making difficult procedures or treatments seem painless and fun. It is meticulous and explanatory in an intelligible way to the parent and the child. She is very knowledgeable in her science but also deeply cultivated, civilized with rare sensitivities about human problems. I highly recommend it to every parent.

Νικόλας Κ 

I was late for the appointment, due to my own mistake. The doctor managed to see us. She carefully examined my son and repeated several times the treatment that we must follow. She made sure not to coincide with another appointment and was generally very careful in all the hygiene protocols that followed.

Ροδή Κ 

Very good professional with a fist. She does not hesitate to say it out loud and she is right ... We thank her very much for her help and we will definitely trust her again.

Φωτεινή Ηλιάνα Μ 

Beautiful space and clean. The doctor is nice and explanatory

Πολυξένη Κ

Pleasant first impression. The doctor is familiar and organized, the space of the clinic is simple, clean and beautiful.

Αγγελος Π

seized, clean, polite

Nikos P

A very good pediatrician, she examined our kid who curiously was calm! In the end she gave us the necessary instructions and medication.


Dr. Θεοδωρα made my teenager feel comfortable, was very friendly and thorough in her examination. I will definitely recommend her.

Peter Andras B 

Pleasant environment, super calm and kind doctor. The child was having a great time, not afraid of the doctor at all. She won my trust and my son's too.

Αλεξάνδρα Κ

Excellent doctor the children adore her. When we need her she is always by our side. We thank her.

Χαρά Β

Mrs. Efthymiou has been our pediatrician since the birth of our child. She was by our side in very difficult but also more everyday circumstances, just as remarkable, with compassion and guidance, particularly careful and analytical and on a human level, excellent.


Available when we are looking for her. Very typical with her appointments. Meticulous in her work.

Χρυσάνθη Γ

The doctor is always at our disposal, whenever we need her, either by phone or by visiting her office. She thoroughly examines the child before her diagnosis, always with a smile on her lips, gaining our trust and the cooperation of the child.

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